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Bad weather?

Our excursion tips

You are travelling on business or as part of a conference in Herborn? You are visiting your friends or relatives and are coming to our region for the first time? Then perhaps you are justifiably pleasantly surprised by the beautiful landscape, the hardworking people here and the impressive townscape of Herborn?

And now you want to see, hear and know more about the city’s history? Visit – not only as a bad weather alternative – the destinations below and experience how diverse we are.

Excursion into the animal kingdom

Herborn Zoo

The zoo in Herborn was founded in 1966 by committed bird conservationists and has developed over time into a species-rich zoo with a wide range of activities.On a size of more than one hectare, our visitors will find more than 90 different animal species from all continents. Naturally designed and barrier-free paths and enclosures invite you to take a leisurely stroll or actively observe. Numerous benches offer space to linger and relax. From the southern slope of the park, our guests enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over the entire valley.

More info at: www.tierpark-herborn.de

Things are looking up

Dillblick lookout tower

It was completed for the Hessentag 2016 in Herborn and has since been the new landmark of Herborn on the Dollenberg. From here you have a wonderful view over Herborn and the whole Dill region. The location is above the Dollenberg.

History up close

Historic town hall on the market square

The town hall (originally built in 1589, rebuilt after the town fire in 1626), formerly the seat of the court and the town scales, still houses the town administration today; an extension was added to the building in 1994. The coat of arms bordering the market square is particularly striking.

Interesting local history

The 5 museums of the city of Herborn

Municipal Museum Hohe Schule Herborn

The upper floors of the picturesque building ensemble of the “Collegium” of the Hohe Schule house the municipal museum. The reformed academy in Herborn existed from 1584 to 1817. A collection worth seeing from the history of Herborn is on display: the development of the Hohe Schule with its facilities, prehistory and early history in the Dill region, historical blank weapons, bourgeois domestic culture of the 18th and 19th centuries, pottery products as well as pre-industrial textile technology such as blue printing.

Hörbach local history room

The small museum, founded in 1988, is housed in the former school and later town hall in the centre of the Hörbach district of Herborn. The exhibitions provide a vivid insight into village life and living in the past. A fully equipped dwelling is one of the special features of the vivid collection.

Burg Museum of Local History and Industry

In the former town hall of Burg, built in 1928, the local history society of Burg has compiled a very lively documentation of the history of Burg. One focus is on the development of iron extraction and processing, the emergence and development of the Burger ironworks, the presentation of historical cookers and ovens, and the development of kitchen technology.

Seelbach Museum of Local History

The “Alte Schule” (old school) in the Herborn district of Seelbach was built in 1602 as a community centre. Due to dendrochronological examinations, the year could be determined so precisely. The building was used as a school and fire station as well as for the purposes of political community work. In 1985, the “Old School” was restored through the village renewal programme and the result is really something to be proud of.

Psychiatry Museum Herborn

The Herborn Psychiatry Museum documents in a vivid exhibition the change from a sanatorium and nursing home opened in 1911 to a modern health care institution today. The museum was opened in 1991. A model of the entire facility offers visitors an initial overview of the complexity of the hospital grounds.

More info at: www.herborn-erleben.de/aktiv-sein-geniessen/freie-zeit-was-tun/museen