A place for connoisseurs


Experience diversity, enjoy yourself. Live, feel good, laugh, dance, be happy. Eat and drink. Talking, listening, (being) entertained. Maintaining friendships and exchanging ideas. Celebrate parties. A hotel can be and offer so much: Space and time for enjoyment, for culture, for joie de vivre, for perfect moments.

The Schloss Hotel Herborn is such a place. People come together here. Hard-working people (our staff) work so that other people (our guests) can experience happy hours. Carefree and carefree. You could also call the Schloss Hotel Herborn a “house to celebrate and enjoy”.

Learn more about the many possibilities at Schloss Hotel Herborn and click through our new website, navigate through our rooms, parlours, hotel rooms, offers and events. We are prepared to provide you with pleasurable hours.

Our gift tip:

A voucher from Schloss Hotel Herborn is the perfect gift idea. You can set the value yourself and the date for redemption can be determined by the presentee. You can order the voucher here online or also by telephone. It’s very easy and as soon as we have received the desired amount of money, we will send the voucher to the desired address. Or you can come by in person and we will take care of everything here on site.

Your team from Schloss Hotel Herborn